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Currently we're still encoding videos before we can process new ones. It still will take a couple of days, but after that new videos are already queued up waiting to be released.

the sign-up period for the Dutch Nationals is still open. It will be at the 7th of April. Location will be Nieuwegein.
Participation is also open to foreigners (who can win the race, but cannot win the title).
2013 Evolution of Balance Award

Cary Gray Wins 2013 Evolution of Balance Award
Cary of Baltimore, MD proposed a 1.5 year, 24,000+ km cross-country trip that starts in Baltimore, loops into Canada, then heads south to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina (the southernmost tip of South America).
UTV 2013
The UTV team joined online to create a team video. Enjoy the UTV Team video 2013!
!!! – 3rd generation !!!
It’s while ago since we started in 2005. YouTube was started same time but was small and not well known, unicycle sports had no own platform outside of so there seems that the world needs UTV. Moritz Hahn jumped it together with me and developed the first webpage but we lack a good ISP. We got support from an hosting provider in the Netherlands, called BIT, they sponsor our first server.

It was a big success, well supported by the community, thanks to all of you who provide great footage in those early days!!!

A big leap forward was Shaun Johannesson’s movie “Ill” which resulted in more than 1 TB traffic in the first night. This was a great success for the video and UTV but also brought us to a point where BIT B.V. decided that we become too big for a sponsor hosting. So we had to move and “Apex Systeme GmbH” was so kind to offer space on their server.

After some years Thomas ‘gossi’ Gossmann decided to go for UTV 2nd generation and developed an update for the page with a fresh design and some new features. YouTube was very popular now and also Vimeo, so more and more unicyclists placed their videos there because it was more comfortable. As Google decide to buy YouTube instead of UTV (for what reason ever), we had not the financial backbone of millions for developing and hosting but gossi did his best to improve the page a lot.

In the end of 2011 we decided we needed another relaunch and Jim of Sinco created a new design for UTV. Our plan was to launch the new page in spring 2012. Plans not always become true and we wanted a major change so we needed someone with the required skill who manages to do it in his free time. Leo Vandewoestijne stepped up, cancelled sleeping for some month and instead coding on the new UTV. Leo code everything from scratch, making a new player, embed FFmpeg on the server (to do encoding server-side), create a nice upload frontend and a mountain of new features. You can see a lot of the features but a huge amount is hidden in the shadows behind the frontend silently improving our service.

We are still not completely done with all new ideas we had in mind but we thought its OK to make it public now and continue while it’s live to go for the last missing features. Also Leo figured out that he feels better with some hours of sleep per day instead of coding all night long.

So a BIG THANK YOU to Leo for doing that BIG Job relaunching UTV 3rd generation!!!

Thanks to Jim for the awesome SINCO design.

Also the translators should be mentioned here; they invest several nights (and still do) to translate more than 1700 sentences and wording to YOUR language.

We hope you enjoy the changes as much as we do. Now go and start exploring UTV 3rd generation. There is a ton of Easter eggs waiting for you to be discovered.

Renowned Series Episode 4
Renowned Series Episode 3
Renowned Series
IMPACT team video 2011
FNK PROD video contest
unicycling is not a crime
Stair & Style
Trial/Flatland/Street/Muni summer camps

Hello unicycle community,

this summer you have two awesome opportunities in Europe to take part in a Trial / Flatland / Muni camp.  One exciting week with great trainers and a lot of riders, you shouldn't miss that chance.

18. - 25 July: TrialCamp Cannobio 2010 (Italy) - One week with Mark Fabian, Krisz Covasc, Adrien Delecroix and Daniele Zacchi - Marco Vitale organize this great Trial/Muni/Street week to give especially the younger riders a great chance to improve their skills and learn from some of the best riders. You will find more information here. To sign in now for that camp just click here

01. - 06 August: UniCycleCamp 2010 (Denmark) - Spend one exciting week in Salling (Denmark) together with the famous danish riders Lars Lottrup, Jesper Møller Andersen and Nikolaj Moestrup. This week is dedicated to Trial and Muni riding and offer a lot of fun for beginners, advanced and professional riders. You find more information here.

Lets bet that Lutz will go to China :)

Lutz at the Chineze wall

Lutz Eichholz was invited to the Chineze "You bet" TV show, after they saw his performance in "Wetten Das". At his blog you will read it all.

1000 videos on
Official 2010 team Jersey proudly present the official team utv Jersey for the 2010 team designed by SINCO!
Many thanks also to and

ADDICT Road Trip Teaser
Warmup for Unicon XV in New Zeeland

To bring you into the great feeling of a UNICON we decide to split the Unicon 14 DVD into 11 exciting pieces and bring one part online every day. You still can download the complete DVD as zip file here

New Upload Frontend and Video Player

Hi there,

It's a big time for nowadays. We run out of disk space at our first server. You uploaded a lot videos to make this happen - thank you very much for your loyalty.

This cries for gifts, here they are: With the new server (named deluxe) there is a new upload frontend. Unfortunately the resume option is gone, but the new one should be more handy. The new upload is limited to some file types (*.mov *.mp4 *.m4v *.3gp). The new videos MUST be encoded with the h.264 codec, anyway our player is unfortunately not able to play your video (Video on the web is a mess by the way... *g*). Due to this limitations here, there are bigger dimensions for your videos now. Dimensions are increased to 640x480, a lotta more joy there. The player is embedded directly, no more choice for you, just watch the video, even in fullsize and a new player-ui - vimeo style.

If you encounter problems with the latest changes please contact us, so we will fix it.

Anyway, take a look at me doing a backflip at new dimensions.


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